Hi! 👋 My name is André Brandão and I’m a Software Engineer at Favo.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UNICAMP (Brazil) and have worked with tech companies for 5+ years. Since then, I’ve been particularly interested in high-quality software, test-driven development and application performance.

I also developed an entrepreneurial mindset through life experimentation. Some of these experiences were exchange programs, living in a fraternity, being a partner in two companies and living one year in a sustainable ecovillage.

In my free time I’m either going to the gym, reading books, taking technology courses or doing side projects.

Side Projects


I am currently working on this side project. Summail consolidates your email subscriptions into a single weekly summary email.

The goal is to learn how to create Serverless projects through deliberate practice. I am practicing TDD and having to decide on the architecture of the system using AWS services such as Lambda, API Gateway, SQS and SES. The project also has a pipeline inspired by Dave Farley’s Continuous Delivery Pipelines.